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Fictionaire is a new quiz card game based on the classic game of dictionary. Players make up a bogus definition or fake answer for a word or question asked by the game's host - trying to trick him or her into believing that their answer is correct.

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What makes Fictionaire such timeless fun is the combination of creative storytelling, trivia knowledge and bluffing skills.

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To earn points in Fictionaire, players either have to choose the right definition - or get someone to pick their answer. Even better, if a player bluffs someone into choosing the wrong answer, they earn a bonus point.

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The Fictionaire Game Series includes 4 differently themed card packs, each with 120 thought provoking questions. The first pack is called Classic Fictionaire, and is closest to the traditional dictionary game. It includes rare, interesting and sometimes provocative words, all begging for a creative definition.

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Fictionaire comes in a unique, eye-catching cigarette pack style format. Why a package design that is so non-PC? It turns out that a cigarette pack is a perfect solution to help the game play better. The flip-top design reveals only the question section of a card to the starting player. Once she reads the question it is given to others who then slide out the card to view the correct answer before creating their own.

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