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In addition to the first card pack, Classic Fictionaire,
there are 3 other themed packs in
the Fictionaire Game Series.

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Tall Tales is filled with strange stories from the weird world we live in. Even when you learn the real answer, you may not believe it!

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Fool Science, is subtitled The Compendium of Scientific Wonders, and is filled with facts and evidence that will confound even the most knowledgeable men and women of science.

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The fourth pack,
Naturals brings you surprising information that chronicles our physical world.

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Each of the 4 packs in the Fictionaire Game Series includes 120 questions;
14 Point cards used to keep track of the score; as well as the Rules and
FAQ cards that show you how the game is played.

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The Fictionaire Game Series – An Exciting New Twist on the Dictionary Game!